Why Emerald Gemstone Is Called Gemstone Of True Love

Why Emerald Gemstone Is Called Gemstone Of True Love?

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The world of gemstones is full of exquisite and fascinating appearing gemstones which have an incredible ability to attract each pair of eyes.

Gemstones are glorifying past as they are extracted from almost every corner of the world. By the cause of their strong healing properties and intriguing appearance, they have succeeded in alluring human being from centuries.

Every gemstone has their own special set of features which altogether make them special and valuable. Similarly, green emerald gemstone possesses great significance in history and in modern time.

The scintillating green color emerald gemstone is affiliated with potent planet mercury. Mercury, which signifies love, wisdom, intellect, health, and peace of mind. Moreover, the mercury is also referred as “prince” among all nine planets.

The emerald gemstone is also called “Panna” in Hindi. The stone emerald has also received the status of “stone of true love”. It is famous for this exquisite green color gemstone that wearing it will open the door to happiness and true love in the life of its wearer.

Emerald Gemstone For Lovers

The stone is quite auspicious for those persons who have lost their partner and want to get back their ex in their lives.

The reason behind terming this stone being the “stone of true love” is because of the fact that the emerald occupies the magical powers of planet mercury inside its crystal structure and inject these powers in the life of its wearer entirely.

Emerald Gemstone For Married Couples

  • Besides being auspicious for lovers, this stone is also preferred to be worn by those married couples who are fed up with a daily dispute, quarrels and on the verge of separation. Emerald stone is known to dilute love and understanding in the married life.
  • Additionally, it clears off all misunderstanding between couples by bridging the communication gap and lit up the romance and bring proximity in relation.

Hence, by above explanation it is clear that calling emerald gemstone as “gemstone of true love” is not exaggerated in fact it is true.

However, before adopting this stone for love and marital purpose one should seek the advice of an astrologer who can guide him/her in the right manner after observing or analyzing the horoscope.


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