Facts About Emerald Gemstone


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Famous Mines

Emerald most famous mines are in Colombia. Other Countries are Zambia, Afghanistan and Brazil.

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Color of Emerald

Emerald is always green.The most-prized emeralds are highly transparent.

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Inclusions in Emerald

Emerald has always some inclusions. If it's without inclusions, its more likely to be synthetic version

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Emerald Family

Emerald is a Gemstone from beryl family, Light green stones are called green beryl



About Emerald Gemstone


The valuable emerald stone (also known as Panna Ratna in Hindi) is composed of minerals like aluminum, beryl and chromium. The delicate green color is achieved due to the presence of the above mentioned chemicals inside the stone.  Nowadays, it is extremely rare to locate a natural or perfect emerald stone.

The primary color of emerald or Panna stone is dark green, whereas, secondary colors of this gemstone are yellow and blue.  To enhance the luster and shine of this stone it has to be polished with the oil to enhance its appearance.


Types Of Emerald Gemstone


Benefits of Emerald Gemstone


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Love and Emotions

Emerald gemstone is related to the heart chakra consequently wearing this stone will blossoms love and emotion in the love life.


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Helpful in work

The emerald gemstone will prove extremely helpful for those professionals who work in the field of sports, creativity, writers and painters.


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Positive Thinking

Wearing emerald stone will delve down deep itspositive or enrich powers in the body of a person and dissolve or extract all negative thoughts from the mind and endorses the positive thinking.


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Memory Power

Wearing this stone will increase self confidence and memory power that will altogether help one to score maximum marks in exams.