Emerald Gemstones – Influential Mineral In The World

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Emerald gemstone (also known as Panna) is acknowledged to be one of the most influential minerals in the world. The fascinating green color of the stone is derived from the chemical Aluminum and Beryllium and the presence of traces of chromium inside the structure of the stone.

A natural green color emerald stone is immensely difficult to be acquired nowadays due to the scarcity of original color emerald stone.

However, the diversity of colors of this stone may originally lie from light green to dark green. Primarily, the color of this stone incorporates with green color hue majorly and secondary color of this stone is either yellow or blue.

Hence, all these different colors altogether exhibit a significant green color fabulous stone emerald. The stone emerald has confirmed as the king among the other stones because of its color, cut and other impressive physical properties along with notable astrological properties.

As per holy texts and scriptures, it is being affirmed that the green color emerald stone relates to the powerful planet Mercury, which has further received the reputation of “Prince” among all the planets.

It is also gaining the status of “Stone for True Love” and the wisdom it strengthens the position of this stone in the group of all gemstones.

Thus, the captivating characteristics both physical and astrological concede this stone superiority among the group of all stones.  Consequently, over the years, Emerald stone has been widely used for jewelry and astrological purposes.

The footprints of the importance of this stone inhibit in the history. Ever since, the discovery of this stone, the Mughal emperor and foreign travelers used to adopt this stone majorly.

The imperial appearance of this stone used to impress emperors of the Mughal Empire to accommodate this stone in their wardrobe.

The importance and popularity of this can be estimated from the fact that the use of emerald stone is even mentioned in some of the historical books.


The Healing Properties of Emerald Gemstone:

The emerald stone (Panna) encompasses incredible powers which can aid in curbing or emanating severe mental and physical diseases.

  • The emerald stone is affiliated with the Heart Chakra which enhances the spirituality, calm down the mind, dispel the negativity from the mind and blossom new love in life.
  • Besides this, the stone emerald boosts the concentration and intellect of the mind. Along with that, it proves intensely beneficial for the sportsman, students, and people who are suffering from heart diseases or stomach related diseases or brain related issues.
  • As per Hindu mythology, the Emerald stone is assigned as the birthstone for month May and sun sign Virgo and Gemini.

Thus, collectively the physical properties of emerald such as delicate color and ideal cut, shape along with effective astrological properties and healing properties assist this stone to encourage someone to refer this stone as the king of all minerals and gemstone.

Therefore, by going through the incredible properties of this stone, it won’t be exaggerating to say that emerald stone king of all gemstones.