What Are The Perfect Specification Of Emerald Gemstone For Astrological Benefits

What Are The Perfect Specification Of Emerald Gemstone For Astrological Benefits?


What Are The Perfect Specification Of Emerald Gemstone For Astrological Benefits? Sapphire is considered to be one of the Big Three gemstones in the world- Sapphire, Rubies and Emeralds. Planet Mercury is the governing planet of the gemstone, which brings on a lot of positivity with it. It is used expansively in planetary gem therapy to utilize the energies of Mercury that reside in Emeralds Gemstone.

What is the Perfect Specification for Emerald ?

If mercury is favorably place in the horoscope of the native, a talisman for the planet Mercury in the form of Emerald should be use.

It should be remember that Emerald is the birthstone of May.

Perfect specifications for Emerald

We should know the perfect specification of emerald gemstone. Panna should be 4:50 ratti to 6:50 ratti. Emerald stone price per carat is varies by its origin. Ideally, it should be cast into a pendant, a ring or other jewelry which touches the body so that the positive powers of the Emerald natural gemstones are transmit into the body. There are no specifications mention in the scriptures pertaining to the weight or the type of the gemstone one should wear.

However, different astrologers used different methods to determine the weight of the stone that one must wear. Remember, only the powerful gemstone will give you the best results.

For instance, emerald stones with good transparency, color and clarity will give you the best results. Astrology is about practicality too. Any more weight apart from the one recommend would not give you more result. It would also be difficult to wear the gemstone if it is over size.


Emerald can be wear in the little finger and therefore an over size ring would be very uncomfortable to wear.

this is always preferable to wear smaller gemstone so that it fits the corporate look as well as it does not look over sized. An expert gemologist can help you determine the right shape size for your benefit. There is absolutely no necessity in buying anything bigger than that because that would be wastage of money as these gemstones are really expensive.

Benefits that Emerald has to offer

Emerald enhance business capabilities, communication, intuition, intelligence and education. The planet is also improve love and relationship. People awaiting promotion or students sitting for exams can be benefit from the gemstone.

Businessmen who wish to do better in their projects can wear the emerald for prosperity. Issues relate to the brain and speech have easy solution in this stone. People who are fighting depression and have been cheat by a beloved should wear this.

It resolves legal disputes and bring prosperity.

This attract green cosmic rays and maintains the friendship with the marriage partner and business partner. It also oversees the health of the reasoning systems, abdomen, eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure, and ulcer.


How to wear an emerald?

If you are wearing emerald for the first time, ensure it should not be less than 3 carats, because there is no use if you wear anything less than that.

It should be cast into jewelry in Gold and Bronze, which adds to the benefit of the gemstone is set in Gold or Bronze. Ensure that you wear the Emerald jewelry on Wednesday at sunrise or two hours following sunrise.
Ensure that the Emerald does not collide with other metals. Clean the stone with warm water, detergent and a soft brush. Do not expose it to steam cleaning machines. Buy natural emerald gemstone online, but look for certification of authenticity for best results.