Emerald Gemstone or Panna stone is ruled by the planet Mercury. Emerald exhibits many metaphysical properties. However, Panna gemstone should be worn using the correct procedures and methods to benefit and derive maximum advantage from these metaphysical properties.

Wearing an emerald gemstone is believed to have several physical and psychological benefits. Emerald is a precious gemstone associated with the planet Mercury and is said to represent love, compassion, and prosperity.

Methods Of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

  • To wear an emerald gemstone properly, the method of wearing gemstones is varied and is quite important.
  • It is important to choose the right gemstone to get maximum benefits that would help in all affairs.
  • Every gemstone represents a specific planet. Methods of wearing each gemstone differ from one another.
  • Emerald gemstone increases brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills, and speech.
  • Because of the hot gem, it is advisable for those suffering from stammering, asthma, ulcer, diarrhea, gastric troubles, etc.

Wearing Emerald Stone (Panna)

  • The weight of the Emerald gemstone should be 3,6, or 7 Ratti.
  • It should be put in a Gold or Silver Ring on the Little or Ring finger of the working hand.
  • Emerald should touch the skin of your finger.
  • It should be worn on Wednesday.
  • While wearing emerald gemstone (panna stone in Hindi) recite the mantra, “OM BUDHAYE NAMAHA”.
  • Before wearing Emerald it should be dipped into Ganga Jal or cow milk for at least 10 minutes.
  • Emeralds should be cleaned regularly using soapy water or with a soft brush.

Caution of Emerald Gemstone

  • Emerald stone is a relatively hard gemstone of 7.5-8 Mohs.
  • So being a hard stone, it needs special care and caution.
  • It should be protected from harsh chemicals and acids.
  • Also, an excess of heat harms the Emerald Stone.
  • Emeralds should be cleaned once a couple of years and not regularly.
  • While wearing Emerald Gemstone, one should not wear Natural Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, and Red Coral.
  • Emerald is a fragile gemstone.
  • Try to remove the Emerald ring while cooking or using soap.

In which form can one wear emerald gemstones?

  1. Ring: The most common way of wearing an emerald is in a ring, usually set in gold or silver. Wearing it on the little finger of the right hand is recommended for best results. Some astrologers also recommend wearing the ring on the ring finger of the right hand.
  2. Pendant: Another way to wear an emerald is in a pendant, which can be worn around the neck with a gold or silver chain. Panna is believed to have a calming effect on the wearer and help with communication.
  3. Bracelet: An emerald bracelet can also be worn to benefit from the gemstone’s properties. Wearing an emerald gemstone on the left wrist is recommended to improve creativity and intuition.
  4. Earrings: Emerald earrings can also be worn to benefit from the gemstone’s properties. Wearing them in the left ear is recommended to promote communication and increase confidence.

Traditional methods of wearing an emerald gemstone:

Astrological Practices: 

In Vedic astrology, emeralds are often worn to harness the energy of the planet Mercury. If you follow astrological practices, you might wear an emerald ring on the little finger of your right hand on a Wednesday, considered Mercury’s Day.

Healing Jewelry: 

Some people wear emeralds for their purported healing properties. They may wear them as close to the skin as possible to allow the gemstone’s energy to interact with their body’s energy.

How to Wear:

If you’re considering wearing rituals of emerald Gemstone for its supposed benefits, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified astrologer or gemologist. They can guide you on the appropriate carat weight, cut, and quality of the stone based on your birth chart or personal circumstances.

Matching with Attire: 

You can also choose to wear emerald jewelry that compliments your attire. A piece of emerald jewelry, such as a pendant or ring, can add color to your outfit.

Birthstone Jewelry:

 Emerald Gemstone is the birthstone for May, so those born in that month often wear emerald jewelry to represent their birth month.

Custom Jewelry:

If you have a specific design or style, you can work with a jeweler to create custom emerald jewelry that suits your taste and preferences.

Day and Time: Some astrologers recommend wearing an emerald gemstone on Wednesday, considered Mercury’s Day. Additionally, wearing the gemstone during the planet’s favorable planetary hours is believed to enhance its benefits.


Before wearing the emerald, it’s recommended to cleanse the gemstone. Purification can be done by dipping it in milk or Ganga Jal (holy water) or gently rinsing it in clean water while chanting a mantra.

Emerald Gemstone Mantras: 

Chanting specific mantras or prayers related to Mercury while wearing the emerald can enhance its positive effects. The specific mantra might vary based on individual beliefs and practices.

In conclusion, wearing an emerald stone (Panna) is a personal choice influenced by cultural, astrological, and metaphysical beliefs. It’s important to research thoroughly, consult with experts before making any decisions, and remember that perceived benefits are subjective and not scientifically proven.

If you want to check out the Emerald gemstone collection, you can reach us to get free consultation and gemstone recommendation.

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  1. Hello

    one of astrologer suggest me wear panna 9.25 ratti. can i wear it? please help

    Thank you

    1. Greetings from GemLab our executive will get back to You asap or You can also contact us on +91-9216112244

      With Warm Regards

    1. its depend on you. just concern with a astrologer for getting benfit from Gemstone. As mostly It should be put in Gold Ring in the Little finger of working hand.

      1. its depend on you. just concern with a astrologer for getting benfit from Gemstone. As mostly It should be put in Gold Ring in the Little finger of working hand.

  2. i am confused that in which metal shal i wear panna in gold or in silver pl advise me

    1. its Always should be put in Gold Ring in the Little finger of working hand. if You have query regarding Panna Gemstone. You want Purchase it You can call us anytime for assitance +91-9216112244

  3. hello sir..
    one of astologer have suggested me to wear panna stone in little finger with gold.
    and also suggested me to wear ruby nd pearl stone on neck as locket.
    but here you have mentioned that panna is not weared along with pearl and manikya.
    please suggest me what should i follw..
    thank you..

  4. even i have the same problem as Dr.Abhishek Mishra has plz suggest what to do?????????

  5. Hello sir,
    I had been told by someone that my sun is weak so I should wear ruby and he advised me to wear emerald also, are there any chances of this being true as you mentioned that these both gems cannot be worn together.

  6. hi,
    My birth date is 23 NOVEMBER 1980, which ratti shall i wear? and shall i wear the same into my neck like pendant.

  7. dear sahib,
    name satpal singh
    dob 22/01/1988
    time 14:50
    place ludhiana
    suggest me for gemstone which is suitable for me and which metal.sahib i will wait your answer ..

  8. My date of birth is 30/12/1980 and my husband date of birth is 12/9/1974, please sugest me which ratna should we wear so that we can get sucess in our Profesinal and personal life

  9. D.O.B 11.04.1984 Day wednesday,time 1:45Pm

    I want to wear emrald stone , give me advice how much rati is compelsary, it good for me or not.

  10. Hi Sir,

    Please suggest me the lucky stones which suits my Horoscope. Which metal to use and in which finger need to wear.

    I am having Health,Financial and Family problem.

    DOB : 02/02/1986
    Time : 6.15 AM
    Place : Davangere(Karnataka)

  11. Whenever I wear panna, my confidence is reduced. I’ve tried wearing panna both in good and silver but both times, I started lacking confidence level. I believe it is not suiting me. I’ve seen pearl is good for me. Can I wear panna in right hand small finger and pearl in left hand small finger? Please also tell me the method of removing panna ring.

  12. Respected Sir
    My name is sandeep sinha from jamshedpur , My DOB is 28-12-1984 ,8:25 am, please suggest me the stone to wear, i have wearied neelam last 1 weak ago is it good for me or not.
    Thank you
    Sandeep sinha
    [email protected]

  13. My name is Rajesh Kumar,by name my rashi is Libra.
    can i wear panna ?
    if yes, pls let me know in which finger and which day.

    pls advise me.

  14. Namaste sirji,

    I have heard that we should not remove the panna ring once u wear but u have advised to remove it if we are cooking or doing any work.. Is it ok..

    1. some time soup and other product react with stone and its reduce the power of emerald that reason suggest to remove it even while cooking Heat can effect on stone if once Your stone got heat its loss all his natural Healing power. so this is few reason we should need it clean

  15. Sir,
    I have been wearing panna on my left small finger. Recently i observed that decolorisation of the stone has occurred and few scratches can be also seen.
    My health and my business both are collapsing. Please advise.
    my DOB is 26.09.64

  16. Hi Sir,
    Please suggest me the lucky stones which suits my Horoscope. Which metal to use and in which finger need to wear.
    I am having Health,Financial and Family problem.

    DOB : 28/07/1980
    Time : 12.15 to 30 AM

  17. Namaste,

    Can i wear emerald on 16th october this month? Please advice if the day is good.. That day panchak kaal starts and before sunrise it is amritha siddhi yoga… Please please please advice

    1. Thanks For comment Suma dear. read all the Rituals as written In our website wear it with all rituals will def benfits you. if You want a free Gemstone reading Wanna know abt Your Gemstone You can go throgh this Link https://emerald.org.in/gemstone/ fill the Form our representative will contact You asap. for further U can also call at +91-9216112244

      1. Namaste Rajnesh,


  18. hi ! i m disha i study in class 6th one of the astrologer suggested me to wear emerald…. so, how much ratti i should wear ? he said so as i did not get the perfect result upto how much i study pls help me….

  19. Dear Sir,

    my dob is 27/6/1978 time 7.40am,place mandsaur,mp.sir ,what stone shall I wear to be rich and success in my business.


  20. Hello,
    I have a Q?
    Can I put 27 stones on a ring of 0.2ct each,in a deep cut round setting
    Does that help,Or does it need to a single stone…

    Please suggest.

    1. Hello Manjest.first things Gemstone effects on our Life. we cant wear any stone by own. You must need contact a astrologer to know which one will suit you. You can find all answer of your qus with our free gemstone reading Plz go through this Link https://emerald.org.in/gemstone/ and Submit Your info our team will reach u with all details asap

  21. Hello Sir,
    I have Mercury in first house and 3rd rashi, with sun and Venus. So wearing Emerald is benficial for me or not? Is there something related to sun that is combusted with mercury?

  22. Dear Sir,

    My close friends relative is a gemologist,so I just gave my friend my datails like date of birh, time of birh and place of birh my problems etc.

    My close friends, relative is a gemologist,suggested me coral and emerald, as emerald is costly he gave me yellow sapphire.

    All togather he charged Rs.6850/- for both the stones in two silver ring.

    Now the yeloow sapphire he gave me has a slight crack, when I askem his regarding this he told,its a small crack and will not cause any harm.

    Now I am really afraid to wear the ring. WILL A SMALL CRACK ON THE YELLOW SAPPHIRE CAN HARM ME?IS IT RECOMMENDED TO Continue to wear the ring?


    Sir pls help,…..

    ThaNKZ IN ADVNC…….

  23. Hi I am wearing emerald stone for many years , but just like to check witch finger that stone that I should wear,
    me female and my numerology number is 6 and 5.

    1. Dear Vijey i want to ask you have u concern any astrologer for wearing Emerald or wearing by own. second wearing On finger its should be wear in little finger of working Hand. if You dont Know much i recommand You go through this link https://emerald.org.in/gemstone/ submit Your details our representive will get back to you soon with all details. or You can also contact on +91-9216112244 for any query

  24. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know if I can wear an emerald in my non working hand ring finger (Anamika of left hand), Will it give desired results?

  25. I Anil Kangokar my DDB is 10.08.1971 i am wearing manik and pavla suggest me to wear in which fingers

  26. Sir,
    I am wearing emerald I go for swimming regularly, is it fine if I remove during swimming and wear it again after my swimming training finishes, as it has chances of falling in pool?

    1. Dear Rajiv. this is not a Normal ring which u can wear and remove anytime. its wear with lot of rituals so i suggest try to avoid removing it. if you ring is lose u can wear make it tight ring. if u have fear to loss ring in swimming u can wer anything in finger before swim

    1. thanks Priya, It should be put in Gold Ring in the Little finger of working hand.if u have any other qus u can call us on +91-9216112244. its will be our pleasure to guide u

  27. Helo sir, m frm kashmir
    I want to buy Emerald(zamrud)..

    frm where I can buy the original one in kashmir

    1. Thanks Abbas. I am sending Your details to Sales team. they will get back to you soon . You can also call us +91-9216112244

    1. Dear Vikas. Emerald Wear in Gold Ring mostly. so if u wanna full benefits Wear in Gold will be best. Before Wear any Gemstone Concern with Expert . If you need any kind of Info call us +9-9216112244

  28. Hi i am Jagdeep My date of birth is 14-03-1991 i have suggested by my astrologer to wear a emerald of 9 ratti should i go for suggest me and i want to buy a original stone help me out..contact me and tell me how to buy

    1. Thanks Jaideep. i am sending Your requirement to our sales team. they will get back to You soon. for further call us +91-9216112244

  29. I want to know about emerald metal only gold or silver may be used ?

  30. Respected sir g, nameste…..

    i am confused that emerald is wear in which material either it is silver or gold….i.e. which one metal is beneficial or suitable to wear panna/emerald stone…kindly suggest me i shall be highly thankful to u…

    1. Thanks Ricky for Your Query It should be studded in a gold ring and should be worn on Wednesday between 4pm to 6pm in little finger of right hand. if You need any other help Call us on +91-9216112244

  31. one of the renowned astrologer had told me to wear 19.99994 carat emerald what to do ??

    1. Dear Tannu Raja. You can wear the Gemstone if You belive on him else You can find someone else ask Him which gemstone suit you. You can also get Your gemstone report from us. Just Submit Your all info on https://emerald.org.in/gemstone/ our expert will get back to You with all details if you need any help or wanna buy stone call us on +91-9216112244

  32. Astrologer gave me 9.25rati pana gold ring to wear in ring finger please guide me

  33. Hi,

    I want to know that can i wear emerald with silver ring and my date of birth is 17/09/1987, thrusday, so what about emerald !! is it suitable for me or not?

  34. hello . My birthdate is 18th july 1993 . and time of birth is 3:24 am . what gemstone recommendation is best ?

  35. I have ware panna store 4.5 ratti in Friday in silver ring suggest by astrologer. Is it correct. My Date of birth is 06th October 1973. Rasi = Capricorn. Please advise me

  36. Sir, I am a left hand person, so in which little finger shall I wear Emerald ring. Left or Right?

  37. have filled the required data 2 time on this mentioned link to get report emerald.org.in but dndt received any mail.

    1. Sorry parambir i think some technical issue Kindly provide me Your contact no or give us call on +91-9216112244 our team will guide u for further

  38. hi my date of birth is 28/04/1988 time 1:30 place balaghat mp panna wearing is good for me or opal and of what carat.

  39. Sir,

    I just want to know my stone is emerald green.
    can i wear (emerald green) ring every time 24/h everyday…

    Please advise

    1. Dear Abid. if someone Suggest You wearing Emerald then You have to Wear it all time 24*7*365. if You Want buy emerald You can contact us on +91-9216112244

  40. hi sir i dont know which stone suits me my dob-7-11-1990 ,time-7:30am kanpur up,this time i waer pearl in right hand and emerald in left hand ,i m righty and i m suffer last 7 year for health problem and study plz help

    1. Thanks Khushboo we will guide You regarding this Problems. We need more details about Your Birth . please go through this Link https://emerald.org.in/gemstone/ our Gemstone expert will analysis all details and Guide you how we can sort out Your health problem . for more call us on +91-9216116688

  41. Respected sir ;
    Can you please tell me best dates to wear emerland Dec 2014 or beyond . Because tomarrow i bought that .
    please revert back and oblige.
    my birth date is 24-04-1993

  42. Iam wearing a ruby on my right hand ring finger , is it ok if I wear a emerald on my right hand little finger aswell ?

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