Emerald Gemstone Flaws

Flaws of Emerald Gemstone

An Emerald stone that does not shine, not transparent from the center of the gemstone, or is light in color, is not a fine gemstone. If an Emerald is too dark, then it is considered as a fine quality Emerald.

Emerald gemstone belongs to Beryl family and is of beautiful velvety green color. Being a colorless in it’s purest form, Beryl enrich with chromium and vanadium gives this flawed but fab gemstone a rich color.

By flaws, we all mean crack or smudge notably black. It is considered to be that flawless Emeralds are very rare and are quite costly.

Emerald gems on crack are easily visible on the Emerald in the manufacturing process of jewelry or in the cutting process.

Important Flaws of Emerald are –

  • Thick water inside Emerald.
  • Depression.
  • Cracks.
  • Double colored without luster.
  • Black/Yellow spots.
  • Rough surface.
  • Brittleness.

Despite all these facts, Emerald Gemstones are still quite valuable.

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