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Who Should Wear Emerald Gemstone?


Emerald is one of the most fascinating, unique and beautiful gemstones. Emerald gemstone is associated with the constellation of Taurus, the Bull.

The high-quality emerald (Panna stone in Hindi) comes from Zambia, Colombia, and Brazil. Emerald has been utilized as a part of gems and also medical treatment for a considerable length of time.

According To the Vedic Astrology Panna or emerald stone should be wear by the people who want to:

  • To Increase the earning ability.
  • Must for traders for all kinds.
  • For lovers, who want to marry their loved ones.
  • For good and healthy nervous system.
  • Emerald gemstone also improves the mathematical ability, so its wearer should be teachers, students (especially of mathematics).
  • For a wealthy and luxurious life.
  • Senior citizens who have problems with the nervous system and stomach.

How to purify a gemstone at home?

A gemstone must be worn only after it has been properly purified. The gemstone purification is done in the evening before the day wearing a gemstone ring. Here, we present a few steps for purifying gemstone at home:

  1. Take a glass container, (try to avoid metal glass), and that container should be enough to contain a ring/pendant gemstone (or whatever you are going to purify).
  2. Pour two spoons of honey, milk, and water into it. You can use Gangajal as well instead of water.
  3. All these three elements are pure and in a natural liquid form. They will help to reduce negative energies from your Gemstone.
  4. Dip that gemstone in this solution. Cover that Container with something (like a saucer). Keep that Container in a safe and clean place. You can also place it in your worship place in your home (if possible). Keep it for a Night.
  5. These were the main points to purify the gemstone at home. Now we are going to discuss that wearing process of Gemstone:
  6. Next morning, check out the sunrise time of your city, on the internet or some local newspaper.
  7. Get ready before sunrise, and just put a cotton bed-sheet on the floor, sit on it and keep the container with you. Turn your face in the east direction.
  8. Just after the sunrise, begin to chant 108 times.

प्रियंगुकलिकाश्यामंरुपेणाप्रतिमंबुधम् I
सौम्यंसौम्यगुणोपेतंतंबुधंप्रणमाम्यहम् II

After you finish that chant take a new container full of pure water. Now, take out your ring from the old container, wipe it with pure freshwater.

You can do this purification process once a year to keep our gem energized.


I hope This Blog gives you some helpful knowledge regarding emerald gemstone.


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