Jade- The Gem that sparks clarity of mind and purity of spirit


Jade has its cultural roots in the smoke-dimmed caves and huts that shelter prehistoric humans. Jade is a beautiful stone,taking high polish, and is really of several kinds, but only two are important. Jadeite is a silicate of sodium and aluminium. Nephrite  a silicate of calcium and magnesium. Jadeite and Nephrite, a silicate of commonly green in color. Although also in other colors from white to deep richest green. But it is the deep emerald green translucent stone that is praise with religious  enthusiasm.

Merely wearing, was believe by the people of the orient, it confers long life and peaceful end. They are also powerful protectors against accidents, diseases of many kinds and witchcraft.when jade is attach to a child’s neck. It is suppose to bind the little one to long life and protect it from all dangers of infantile diseases.

Health Benefits

Diseases this jewel help were epilepsy, and a whole variety of internal complaints. Jade is use for all diseases of kidney and is often refer to as “The Kidney Stone’. Curative powers of jade for the various forms of calculi was very generally admit. When reduce to a powder of the size of rice grains, it strengthen the lungs, the heart and the vocal organs. And prolong life more especially,if gold and silver add to the jade powder.

Jade was also powerful as an antidote against the poisonous bites of snakes, creatures and some animals. Here, it is  probably use in the form of a lotion, or perhaps the ground-up was prescribe.


Spiritually Benefits

Talismans of green jade, in ancient and medieval times, were sometimes wear in period of drought, to bring rain, for this was another of jade’s properties. The substance was also able to protect the wearer against wild beasts,evil spirits and lightning. Women in child birth were often given jade amulets to wear or hold,in the belief that this eased the pangs of difficult confinements.

Suffers from intestinal troubles sometimes wore necklaces or amulets of jade round the neck, or suspend over the area. Where the pain or trouble was locate.It was believe that wearing jade, in any form,relieve palpitations of the heart, as well as many dropsical conditions. In the orient, it retains much of its ancient reputation both as a luck-bringer and a focusing link with non-physical forces.

Things should know before wearing Jade :-

  • Jade and carnelian should not be use by those natives who have their sun in Sagittarius or Gemini signs in their horoscopes.
  • Jade should only be use in silver.
  • Similar to a diamond’s “4Cs,” jade pieces are priced on their color, translucence, size, and interpretation—how the designer has incorporate the natural shading and surface of the stone into the finish piece.
  • Unlike other gems, like diamonds, jade is generally sold by the piece rather than its weight.
  • In jadeite, look for a hard, vitreous luster; in nephrite, a waxy luster.


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