History & General Information of Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

Emerald gemstone also called Panna stone in Hindi are attractive gemstones. They are most powerful and has a more radiant green that can possibly be supposed.

Having top quality, they are more precious than diamonds. Emerald is a gemstone of Planet Mercury. Mercury is the symbol of intelligence, education, books, humor, thieves, and astrologers. Emerald belongs to the Beryl family.

Wearing Emerald gemstone can increase reasoning power, the presence of mind and removes fear from the soul and spirits.

Emerald stone is also called “Panna”. Green Emerald obtained green color from its Beryl family. Emerald is often studded in earrings, rings, necklace, pendants, etc.

But from an astrological point of view, it is advisable to wear it ring or pendant. Emerald gemstone provides a sense of information and for the reason that and empowers the vision of spirituality.

Emerald gemstone is of ancient origin. Emerald had been thought to have alleviated effect on the soul. Flaws in Emerald weaken their effect. Emerald cherished for thousands of years for its beauty and it’s green lavishing color and look.

Emerald gemstone (Panna) has velvety green color. Origin of Emerald is Zambia, Columbia and Indian Mines.  The most desired Emerald in the market is that which is natural, smooth and untreated.

Emerald increases the positive effects of Mercury. Effects like intelligence, education, writing, drawing, trade, intellect, and commerce. It also removes fear from the soul and spirits.

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