History And Myths Related To Emerald Gemstone

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Ever since from its discovery the lavishing green color emerald stone has soothed the mind and become the ultimate object of devotion for gemstone lovers. Due to its everlasting beauty and captivating properties, this gemstone has gained immense reputation in the field of gemstones. In this blog, you will get to know about history and myths related to emerald gemstone.

Meaning Of Emerald Stone

The name of this enthralling gemstone had originated from the Greek word “smaragdus” which means green in Greek. Incidentally, there are different gemstones discovered around the world which display a green color, for example, tourmaline and peridot, but none of them have received popularity like an emerald.

History Of Emerald Gemstone

The stone had been used by emperors in their wardrobe due to its royal appearance and elegance. Cleopatra was famous for using emerald stone adornments.

It is believed that first emerald was discovered in 330 BC into the 1700s. Soon after its revelation, the stone gained the popularity due to its excellent physical attributes.

Hence, slowly and gradually the stone started being mined and discovered in different parts of the world.

 Initially, the stone emerald was discovered in Colombia, which has currently been emerged, was the most significant producer of emerald stone in the world.

Spanish explorer professed to trade the precious emerald gemstone around the world. And, thereafter European and Asian traders also started mining this gemstone in their territories.

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In India, Mughals were known to use this precious gemstone at first. In Mughal era emperor majorly used emerald stone in their wardrobe.

And, thereafter the use of emerald stone in the form of various jewelry items started. This auspicious stone is best to be used as emerald rings, emerald necklace, emerald pendants.

In ancient ages, kings and emperor used to stud this stone in their crown.


Myths Related To Emerald Stone

  • The emerald gemstone does not have the angelic appearance even though, the stone is also appreciated for possessing excellent metaphysical properties.
  • According to ancient lore and myths, emerald was used to fight against many serious diseases. It was believed that wearing this stone would bring peace to the mind and discard all mental problems.
  • It was also believed that wearing emerald stone would foster wisdom and intellect of a person. Wearing this stone remove the fears of the mind and evoke spiritual enlightenment.
  • It was believed that placing emerald below the tongue enable a person to foresee the future and aid in curing diseases like cholera and malaria.
  • Emerald stone was marked being the stone of true love and believed that wearing this auspicious stone would bring true love in the life of a person.