Remedies Through Gem Therapy Emerald

Remedies Through Gem Therapy: Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

Emerald stone is typical green color gemstone that is mined from the cracks of rocks of granite. Emerald stone only reflects green color and does not get affected by heat.

The origin of the emerald stone is principally considered to be Africa and Colombia. India is also recognized to produce or mine high-quality emerald stone (Panna in Hindi).

To identify whether an emerald gemstone is real or fake one can place this stone on the white paper or cloth it will reflect green color. The green stone emerald relieves cool to the eyes and mind.

Panna stone is acknowledged to be related to Venus and possesses excellent healing properties that may aid in removing serious health diseases.

Moreover, this stone also possesses excellent healing properties and aid in curing many serious diseases, both mental as well as physical.

Thus, on the basis of the above discussion, let’s find out how this stone gem therapy aids in removing many health or mental diseases.

  • Wearing emerald stone will resolve all the mental issues. It will aid in resolving the tension, brain-related diseases, etc. with the help of effective healing properties that penetrate deep down in the human system to dispel all the negativity out of the human body and intact it.
  • The green color stone emerald will prove panacea in diseases related to kidney, kidney stones, and urinal dysfunction.
  • Keeping emerald stone for 21 days in Kewda flower for 21 days and drinking its water with milk cream will enhance physical strength and peace of mind.
  • This powder of emerald stone proves panacea in serious diseases like piles, fever, and liver.
  • The powder of emerald stone will be taken with honey for 15 days will curb these diseases.
  • The power of emerald stone proves quite benign for relieving mental tension and bringing mental peace to a person.
  • Wearing the effective emerald stone as ring or bracelet or other jewelry items will aid in removing all mental tensions and increase intellect and intelligence in its wearer.
  • Therefore, it is suggested that students must wear this stone since wearing this green color stone will help in enhancing their memory and bestow on them the endearing capability to maintain a balance between study and their life.
  • The stone also aids in healing diseases related to eyes and leprosy problem.
  • Moreover, this stone also brings true love in a person’s life. It is said that gifting a green color emerald stone engagement ring will diffuse love and emotions in the married life of a person.

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