Wearing Emerald Gemstone

Making Your Business Profitable By Wearing Emerald Gemstone

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Gemstones can play a vital role in bringing in greater profits for your business and making it a flourishing one. Also, the selection of gemstones involves the analysis of the planets in the horoscope of the native.

There are some planets which have a positive impact on the business, one of them is Mercury. One of the gemstones, which are effective for this purpose, is emerald stone.

Emerald Gemstone, is related to the planet Mercury or Budh, the planet of intelligence and communication, both of which have a bearing on the success of the business. For this very reason, wearing a good quality emerald can open the doors to success in the business of the wearer.

Before you wear this gemstone, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer to check out whether it is compatible with your horoscope and will be able to bring benefits to your business or not.

Only then should you wear an emerald. Another way to make sure that you get the full benefits from it is to buy a natural and untreated emerald gemstone.

How Mercury Influences Your Business

  • Mercury, popularly known as Buddha, is the astrological planet related to Budhi or intelligence. Additionally, it is the fastest moving planets in the astrological system.
  • It is the planet which has a direct impact on the success and profitability of a business, which is why some refer to it as the Planet of Business or the Karak of business.
  • As a result, this planet is instrumental for improvement at all levels of life, from the academic stage to that of doing business or getting engaged in a professional career.
  • This planet also signifies an analytical ability and speech too, which implies that a person with beneficent Mercury will have a sharp business sense and good communication skills.
  • However, a person with malefic Mercury may become unprincipled, conceited and inconsistent in business. This is the reason why it becomes essential to appease this planet to achieve success in business.

Wearing Emerald to Enhance the Profits of Your Business

Emerald gemstone is worn to invoke the blessings of the planet Mercury and reap the benefits of its auspicious placement in your horoscope.

Since Mercury is the planet of communication, this gemstone is helpful for people engaged in related fields of business, such as that of telecom and emails.


Types Of Business Benefitted By Emerald Gemstone

  • People running travel agencies and commission-based business can also acquire the benefits of higher profits by wearing emerald gemstone.
  • It also helps business in publishing, accountancy, law, journalism, architecture, real estate, writing, and computers.

Emerald gemstone sharpens intellect and improves memory power of the native, which are great plus points for businessmen.

The enhancement of communication skills is another reason why this gemstone is suitable for those dealing with salesmanship business. It also improves the presence of mind and decision making abilities of the native.

Overall, emerald is an auspicious gemstone for businessmen. But you have to be careful that you always buy good quality emerald.

A good way of doing so is to buy a certified emerald online, which you can do from some reliable online stores.

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