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Can Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) And Emerald (Panna) Be Worn Together?


Gemstone absorbs cosmic energies emit the cosmos in abundant quantity. It is believed that there are numerous gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, and ruby available that are attached with planets and have the potential to possess their divine forces.

And they use these forces to impact the lives of those who wear these stones. People in many countries, religions or beliefs wear these stones to avail of the mystical powers offered by these stones.

However, sometimes to gain fast results, people want to know whether they can wear two stones at a time. For instance, people often ask us whether they can wear the emerald stone and yellow sapphire stone together.


Now, here it is essential to mention that both emerald and yellow sapphire stones align with the planets, Mercury and Jupiter. Both Planets are consider to  naturally beneficial planets for its wearer till the time they are worn independently.

However, it is not beneficial to wear these two stones together because their corresponding planets are mutual enemies toward each other. This further means that they tend to counter each other strengths.

When they are worn together their respective planet Jupiter and Mercury become malefic toward each other. If in your horoscope Jupiter is functional benefit, then mercury will become functional malefic and vice versa.

Jupiter requests unchallenged power and submission. It lectures customary learning which must be accepted with no discussions or contentions. Mercury is inquisitive and likes to make inquiries. It likes to defy the blind beliefs imposed by Jupiter. Along these lines, these two are considered enemies.

Emerald Gemstone
Emerald Gemstone

As indicated by Hindu mythology, Budh (Mercury) is the illegitimate child of Chandra (Moon) and Tara, spouse or Brihaspati (Jupiter). This is the reason Brihaspati and Budh are not on genial terms ever.

Moon speaks to the psyche. Jupiter speaks with the conviction. Mercury is rational. Rational is conceived by the shrouded play of the brain notwithstanding the manage of conviction.

Yellow Sapphire is a Jyotish gemstone for Jupiter. It’s another well-known name is pukhraj. The Emerald is a Jyotish gemstone for Mercury. It is additionally called Panna. These two are considered valuable gemstones. They bring uncountable good results for those individuals who like to wear Jyotish gemstones in rings or pendants.

In any case, you should wear one of them at a time relying upon the planets in your horoscope. Wearing them together can either deliver zero results or it can make very clashing energies which can bring about more damage than great to the wearer.


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