Emerald Gemstone – Best Gift For Ascendants Of Month May

Emerald gemstone is consider to be the birthstone of the month of May. So many congratulations to all the folks, who have born under the auspicious month of May.

Now you would be figuring out that how being Emerald gemstone, the birthstone of the month May could prove benevolent for you. So, to know the rest of the story, you have to go through the following article.

What is emerald stone:

Before, proceeding any further; you folks would be eager to know about the meaning of emerald stone; Emerald stone is believe to represent the planet Mercury, which is regard to be the “planet of love” and “faith”.

The origin of the valuable emerald stone is consider to be mines of Scotland and Zambia. The color characteristics of this gemstone may vary broadly; it could change from light green to intense green.


The word emerald has been derive from the Latin word “Smaragdus,” which means green gemstone.

It is being stated about Emerald gemstone, that not only from today, though from ancient times, but this gemstone has also been use as a symbol of nobility and royalty among the kings and emperors. Even, on death, they used to bury with Emerald stones in their hands.

Now lets us move to the benefits of wearing an Emerald stone by the ascendants of the month of May.


Benefits of Emerald Gemstone:

  • Due to its enriching properties, this gemstone is acknowledge to bequeath its wearer with immense benefits of emerald including both physical and mental as well.
  • It is being said about Emerald stone that wearing emerald stone by the ascendant of the month May could bestow his/her concentration, get rid-off mental tensions like depression, gloom.
  • Emerald gemstone averts the mind of its wearer toward positiveness, aid in curing severe diseases related to kidney, brain, eyes.
  • Moreover, this gemstone also helps to form heather marital relationships and love relationships.
  • Emerald gemstone injects the love and marital bliss into a relationship and rejuvenates the charm and harmony in a stagnant marital life.
  • Panna gemstone is rated to be highly benevolent for students.
  • It is said about the birthstone of May – Emerald stone, that wearing this gemstone can prove notably beneficial for students.
  • Since Emerald gemstone is related to the brain, so wearing this gemstone enhances the concentration and memory power of the student, which let him/ her recollect and emphasize their focus and help them perform better in exams.
  • The folks who born in the month of May could wear an Emerald gemstone as their birthstone to reinforce their financial capabilities.
  • It is highly recommended by the astrologers as they know that wearing an Emerald stone helps a person to overcome the bad financial phase.
  • So, if you or anyone in your family is facing a tough time on the financial front, and probably born in the month of May. So guide him/her to wear an Emerald stone in the form of their birthstone.

Above all, do consult an astrologer before wearing emerald gemstone to perceive the benefits of wearing and passion in your married life. In that case, you must present your wedding partner a mesmerizing pearl gemstone rings, necklace or pendants as a wedding anniversary gift.