which finger is suitable for wearing emerald ring

Which Finger is Suitable For Wearing Emerald Ring


Gemstones play an important part in many individual lives. As per Vedic astrology, gemstones as minerals are aligned to the many planets on earth and these stones attract cosmic energy from those planets which happen to be the ruling planet of that person. These gemstones have from time ancient prove that many a person fortunes change for the better after using it.

Emerald Stone

People with horoscopes having weak mercury should wear emerald stones as per the astrological procedure for benefits.
Emerald gemstone is a precious color stone of the mineral Beryl variety.

It is a green to bluish-green color stone. This stone is also known popularly as the Panna Stone. Among all the gemstones, it is consider among the top three gemstones, the others being ruby and sapphire.

A single carat of an emerald stone is more precious than diamond and since astrologers recommend wearing a minimum of 2 carats in weight for effective results, this gemstone can be quite expensive!

In ancient times Green Emerald stones were know to be find in Egypt, India, and Austria.
Today Colombia is the largest producer of emerald and accounts for nearly 90% of the world’s production. Zambia is the second-largest producer. It is also found all over the world.

Emerald stone’s ruling planet is mercury. This stone has various beneficial effects and brings about positive healing effects in matters of finance, wealth, relationships and health.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstones

There are many benefits of wearing emerald gemstone. Lets Checkout

• The emerald gemstone provides a peaceful and harmonious life to the wearer of this stone.
• This stone helps the wearer not to squander his wealth and helps in retaining the money.
• It has helped in enhancing the powers of reasoning and spirituality for its users.
• It is also know to have mystical powers and brings fortune to its user.
• It has help to resolve many health-related issues such as preventing attack, curing insomnia, asthma, amnesia, ulcer and cardiac problems.


Emerald gemstone has prove to be beneficial to professionals working in the field of medicine, teaching, science, astrology, architecture and real estate.

Since this gemstone is align to the planet Mercury, it is best wear on the little finger of the right hand for maximum result, the reason being that the mount just below the little finger is link to mercury as per Palmistry.
However, women can also wear this gemstone on the little finger of the left hand.

Emerald gemstone may be wear in Gold, Silver or panchdhatu. As per astrology, precaution should be taken before wearing this gemstone. It should be properly activate, energize and purifies and then wear on the little finger on a Wednesday.

It  see that an Emerald gemstone starts benefiting the wearer after 45 days. However, its effectiveness lasts for the maximum period of three to five years depending upon its quality.
After that, it stops working for its wearer and has to be change.


However, everything about the emerald gemstone is not positive. It definitely has negative effects on the wearer of this stone if it is not wear as per his birth chart and without consulting an astrologer. Everything which was suppose to be beneficial with regard to health, wealth, relationships starts having an opposite effect.


It causes mental stress to the person and as a result, his actions in any work to go haywire resulting in financial losses. It may also strain a person’s relationships with his close family members. As a result of mental stress, the person is affect with disturbed and nervous problems including depression.