Emerald gemstone ring finger

Step By Step Guide To Identify Natural Emerald Gemstone

Emerald gemstone ring finger

Step By Step Guide To Identify Natural Emerald Gemstone, The green color emerald stone is one of the most delicate gemstones. The mesmerizing deep green color signifies the appearance of an individual when it is worn as ring, necklace or other jewelry forms. The gemstone is not too hard alike ruby and diamond; however, it is also not too fragile. Step By Step Guide To Identify A Real Emerald Gemstone

Therefore, the durability of emerald stone can’t be questioned; the high-quality emerald stone is spotted from different regions of the world such as Colombia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, and Russia.

Whereas, Colombian emerald stone is said to be the best quality emerald gemstone. These days it is extremely hard to distinguish between a synthetic emerald stone and real emerald stone due to the presence of synthetic gem dealers in the market.

Thus, in order to find the best quality emerald stone, read step by step guide to identifying a real emerald gemstone.

Look For The Color Of Emerald Gemstone:

A real emerald gemstone is basically deep dark green in color. It is the first sign which one should observe while buying emerald gemstone.

A light color emerald stone is not an actually emerald gemstone whereas, it is a beryl gemstone. Few gem dealers often sell beryl gemstone to customers in place of emerald stone.

Thus, while buying this stone, consider this clue that the color of the emerald stone is too dark alike coke bottle.

Inspect emerald stone to find out cracks or inclusions:

A real emerald gemstone possesses few inclusions to enhance its brightness, color and saturation properties. Whereas, a gemstone which retains large inclusions is not termed as natural emerald stone.

Moreover, while buying this gemstone also inspect whether this stone has any cracks or not. Do not buy emerald gemstone with any cracks because it will prove dangerous.

Inspect transparency of Emerald Gemstone:

A natural emerald would be highly transparent. The cleanses and incomparable transparency enhances its appearance. However, a synthetic emerald won’t have such brilliant transparency; thus, don’t buy an emerald stone with low transparency.

Inspect emerald stone with a magnifying glass:

To check the quality of this stone place the gemstone in front of the glass and check it for the number of inclusions.

Scratch Emerald stone with hard material:

An emerald stone is a hard gemstone. Therefore, it won’t be easy to scratch it, hence, in order to check whether emerald is original or fake wear, rub it over a hard material if the stone does not get scratched it means that the stone is original.


Buy emerald stone from reputed gem seller:

Always buy this gemstone from reputed gemstone sellers who have immense experience in this field. Before, buying gemstone inquire about the company check its products, years of dealing and other factors.