Positive And Negative Effects Of Emerald Gemstone

Positive And Negative Effects Of Emerald Gemstone


Positive And Negative Effects Of Emerald Gemstone

The emerald stone is definitely one of the most beautiful gemstones among all. It can offer a number of important positive effects and therefore you should certainly consider wearing it.

On the other hand, wearing a certified emerald gemstone may not always work out well for you. If the emerald does not suit you, it can lead to a lot of issues in your life. Learn about the positive and negative effects of the emerald gemstone before you start wearing one.

Here Are The Benefits Of Wearing The Emerald Natural Gemstone

1. A person who wears an emerald or a Panna can notice a major surge in his or her creativity, artistic talents and sensibilities as well as the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in a clear and precise way.

2. The sharpened intellectual abilities resulting from wearing the emerald can make it easier to analyze and rationalize various ideas and concepts in a distinctive and profound way compared to others.

3. The emerald stone carries the divine vibrations of Mercury which can imbibe a person with a lot of wit and charm. Anyone wearing this stone can actually earn a lot of fame and success in his or her chosen field.

4. Emerald is truly one of the most therapeutic as well as beneficial gemstones that one can ever wear. It can be especially good for people who are finding it difficult to concentrate and focus their work.

5. The certified emerald gemstone can also be beneficial for anyone who finds it difficult to make decisions or who faces a challenge in staying mentally stable and walk in a specific direction in life.

6. When worn on a regular basis, the emerald stone can help a person to achieve complete healing from any kind of communication-related problems. So if you are having problems relating to stammering or any other speech issues, you can wear an emerald for better communicative skills.

7. Wearing emerald gemstone can also provide you with much needed emotional stability which in turn can provide you with the mental strength to face the difficult times of your life and recover from any kind of trauma.


Negative Effects Of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

These are the main negative effects of emerald gemstone.

1. If the emerald stone does not suit you, it can lead to a lot of mental stress and can even make you lose your mind.

2. The stone can adversely affect your relationship with your parents as well as in-laws.
You may also suffer from depression, schizophrenia, nervous disorders and paranoia due to the energies of the emerald stone.

3. In some cases, it can also lead to throat and skin problems.

4. You may lose a lot of money and your kids may experience physical health issues and mental problems.

You can now easily buy an emerald gemstone online from our site Emerald.org.in and it also provides you with a lot of options when it comes to emerald gemstone price and size. However, you should always discuss your birth chart with an astrologer before you start to wear emerald.


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  1. Dear astrology I am an Gemini ascendant , Venus in Taurus & sun in Aries. Planning to wear both diamond & emerald on right hand little finger/middle finger. Please can you advice?

  2. Can I wear emerald gems stone if yes how many ct my DOB IS 03/09/1977 time 6:30pm place mumbai Maharastra

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