How Peridot Stone Differentiated From Emerald Gemstone

Peridot and emerald stone appear quite identical to each other. Both stones have distinct positive attributes and properties.

However, the appearance of both emerald and peridot is similar, hence, often a layman gets confused while judging or differentiating between emerald stone and peridot stone.

However, both peridot and emerald are contrary to each other as far as their properties are concerned.

To draw out the difference between how peridot stone differentiated from emerald gemstone; go through the following facts:

The difference in Birthstones:

Emerald gemstone is considered to be the birthstone of the month of May. On the contrary to this, peridot stone is the birthstone of the month of August.

The difference in Type of Gemstone:

Precious emerald stone is stated as a precious stone, on the other hand, peridot stone is a semi-precious stone. By precious gemstone we mean that the stone retains rich physical and metaphysical attributes along with this, stone also claims to have historical significance.

The difference in Formation:

Emerald or Panna stone belongs to the beryl family, whereas peridot is cabochon the variety of olivine.

The difference in Color:

Though, both gemstones appear the same, however emerald stone display varieties in color. It is dark green in color, whereas the peridot is light green in color.

The difference in Prices:

The price of emerald stone is higher in comparison to peridot stone due to top color and other physical attributes of emerald. On the other hand, peridot is cheaper and easy to afford.

The difference in jewelry options

Due to identical resemblance, peridot appears similar to emerald when it is embedded in royal jewelry. Therefore, peridot is a good option for those people who can’t afford rich quality and expensive emerald.

The difference in Hardness:

The hardness of the emerald stone is 7.5 on the Mohs scale which is a huge number. Hence, the stone is extremely rigid, whereas, the peridot is fragile in nature if it is compared to the preceding stone.

The difference in Origin:

Best quality emerald stones are extracted from mines of Zambia, Brazilia, and Columbia. Peridot stones are mined in the USA, Egypt, and Myanmar.

The difference in Astrological properties:

Emerald gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury and hence brings wealth, good fortune and happiness. Whereas Peridot has both Mercury and Venus as its ruling planets.


Other differences between Emerald and Peridot Stone

  • The peridot is a natural crystal, hence it should never be linked with the auspicious emerald. However, the appearance of the gemstone is similar to the Panna stone.
  • Emerald stone has been used since Mughal ages. It has historical significance. The peridot stone does have historical significance, but it can’t be compared with the emerald.
  • The emerald stone offers color varieties, allowing its user to choose or select from different varieties of green for jewelry making such as rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.
  • The peridot stone can also be embedded or set in various jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and anklets. However, unlike emerald, it does not show great variations in color

Well! In this post, we have tried our level best to throw light upon the vital differences between emerald and peridot. We hope that the above points will be able to draw a clear picture in your mind regarding both the stones.