Sources Of Emerald Gemstone

What Are The Sources Of Emerald Gemstone?

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The birthstone for May month, Emerald is a stunning gemstone that belongs to the beryl family. In its gorgeous green shade, the emerald gemstone is packed with some wonderful healing energies. Also known as Panna in Hindi, this gem is ruled by the planet Mercury.

It is believed that the Panna stone is the symbol of power and beauty. It can bring success in professional life and bless one abundantly.

In case you wish to know about the countries that produce this gemstone and help in deriving the benefits that it offers, then keep reading! This is certainly going to be a knowledgeable read for you!

Top sources of Emeralds

Emerald gemstone is usually mined from host rocks, where the gem grows in small veins or on the cavities of the walls. When it comes to the top sources of emerald, the list is quite impressive. Let’s take a look at what are the sources of emerald gemstone :

1. Colombia

Colombia tops the list of the most popular producers of emeralds. Colombian emerald gemstones are known for their high quality and deep green color. The Muzo Mine, located northwest of Bogota, is one of the renowned deposits of emeralds in the country. To the northeast of Bogota lies another deposit called the Chivor mine. Another mine which holds a lot of potential in the future for providing high-end emeralds is the Coscuez mine. However, at present just one-third of the emeralds that are sourced from here are gem quality emeralds.

There is no denying that deep green emeralds are highly valuable owing to their rarity. The emeralds that are sourced from Colombia are quite famous for their intense, pure green color and are certainly a delight to watch. The colors of these emeralds vary from the vivid, lush green color to a bluish green shade.

2. Brazil

Brazil is another top producer of emeralds presently. Brazilian emerald gemstones are often sourced from mines that are located in Bahia, Goias and Minas Gerais. Since 1980, several new deposits of emeralds have been found in Brazil, which has made this country a good source of these beautiful gemstones. Even though Brazilian emeralds are as stunning as the ones sourced from Colombia, the color variations are apparent. Brazilian emeralds are lighter in color as compared to the Colombian emeralds thanks to their yellow-green color and inclusion free gemstone quality.

3. East African countries

East African countries that are known for producing high-quality emeralds include Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The Zambian emerald gemstones are famous for their darker tones and the bluish green hue that makes them distinct from the rest.

4. The United States

In the United States, it is the North Carolina’s Emerald Hollow Mine which produces gem quality emeralds. Other deposit lies in the Wah Wah Mountains of Beaver County, Utah, which is a producer of rough emeralds.

5. India

In India, the appealing green color emerald stone is found from a place like Ajmer. The color of emerald stone that is being located here is extremely impressive and the gleam of the stone is lucrative. However, the hardness of the stone in comparison with Colombian gemstone is low.

6. Russia

Russia is also a major producer of emerald stone. There are large numbers of mine present in Russia from where this first-rate green gemstone is mined. Nonetheless, on the parameter of the quality, the emerald stone mined from Russia ranked after America.

7. Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are located few mine from where the emerald stone is being extracted or mined. However, the Emerald stone which is found here appears dark in color and fragile.

8. Rhodesia

The emerald stone which is found here is famous with the name of “Rhodesia”. The color of Rhodesian emerald stone is dusky and imposes marks of foreign materials.

9. Austria

In Austria, the precious gemstone is mined from an old mine, which is situated in sled burg. The quality of emerald stone which is found for this place is quite rich that is why the Austrian emerald gemstone is highly demanded in the market.


10. Other Sources

Apart from the prominent sources of emeralds listed above, this gemstone is also found in countries like Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria.

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