Is Wearing Used Emerald Gemstone Advisable

Is Wearing Used Emerald Gemstone Advisable?


Most of the time we get the one question from our customer about emerald gemstone and that is can we wear a use emerald gemstone? What will be the effects of wearing a use or resold gemstone? Emerald gemstone is not only appreciate for its alluring green color and splendid physical properties, but this stone also has many astrological powers that bless its wearer with great success in their lives.

Emerald gemstone is also consider as a precious stone because of its physical properties. According to Vedic Astrology, Emerald stone holds a great reputation as this planet is connect to Planet Mercury (Budha).

Emerald Stone Astrology

The Planet Budha is the child of the Moon, which is consider as the littlest planet in the solar system. If the position of mercury in your horoscope is bad, then Mercury affects the business.

So in order to overcome the effects of Mercury, it is advisable to wear Emerald gemstone especially those businessmen who are in the field of astrology, Writing skills, Postal Services, and Insurance. Emerald Gemstone is also call as the Panna gemstone in Hindi.

What are Used Gemstones?

You might be thinking what actually is mean by Use Gemstone?? Well, not to worry, we are going to explain you everything in detail.

For the last few years, Gemstone Reselling has been quite often in the Gem Industry. The term gemstone reselling means selling used gemstones for astrological, jewelry and other purposes.

But do you know that wearing used gemstones are wrong, and they can even have bad effects on you? We also condemn the practice of reselling gemstones.

Why is this practice wrong?

Now, you must be thinking why we condemn this practice?? Well, here is the reason for that!!

Wearing used gemstone can be proved harmful for its wearer because each gemstone has a limited time period after which it becomes inactive and hence is not able to affect the wearer in a positive way.

Do you know that “Maximum lifetime of any gemstone is about 3 to 4 years” and after this duration, its magical powers are finished? So this is the reason why we don’t believe in wearing the used gemstone.


Disadvantages of Wearing Used Emerald Gemstone

As said earlier, the emerald gemstone is related to the planet Mercury and this stone bestow happiness and positive effects of the Mercury planet to its wearer.

But is it right to wear the used Emerald gemstone? Well, the answer is No!! There are many reasons why one should not wear used emerald gemstone. Read the following points:

  • A used emerald stone loses its magical properties and hence this stone cannot be worn to gain astrological benefits.
  • Used Emerald gemstone loses its shine and beauty as it was being used for a long duration.
  • Also, if you wear used emerald gemstone, then that stone may have negative effects on the grounds that if any gemstone once utilized by any individual or a man than that gemstone splashes the negative vitality which loses its magical properties.
  • It is being said that if you wear used emerald gemstone and it does not suit the wearer then the Planet Mercury may have adverse effects on the wearer.

Fake Emerald Gemstone Dealers

These days, many gemstone sellers are selling used emerald gemstone because they do not get the proper supply of emerald gemstone.

So while buying an emerald gemstone, always choose that gemstone dealer that has a good reputation in the market and are authorized sellers. It is also essential that you buy emerald gemstone along with certification.

At, all emerald gemstones are certified by GemLab. We strongly recommend you to not wear used Emerald gemstone as it will give you negative results.

At E

emerald gemstone you can shop for the certified, natural and unheated emerald gemstone that will give you many astrological benefits.

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Emerald Certificate

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