Points To Consider While Shopping Emerald Online

Have you recently purchased an emerald stone (Panna)? And being really excited to know whether you have made the right choice or not. Also, one question that surfaces in everyone’s mind whether the gemstone which they have purchased spending their hard-earned money is real or fake. Points To Consider While Shopping Emerald Online.

Emerald is a precious gemstone with a limited occurrence across the world. Therefore, it would be appropriate to check the quality of the emerald stone that you have purchased recently.

Emerald (Panna Ratna) is a rare occurring stone and excellent quality of stone that occurs in a large variety in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. To shop or find out whether you have purchased real emerald stone go through the following steps. Here are some points to consider while shopping emerald online.

Natural Emerald 2.8 Carats
Natural Emerald 2.8 Carats

Consider the Hue Of Emerald Stone:

Hue genuinely refers to the purity of the emerald color. Most emerald stones have yellow tint or most occasionally blue-green tint. An emerald is declared as of rich quality if it does not contain any tint, and as pure green as possible.

Pick Emerald Stone With High Saturation: The color quality of an emerald stone also depends upon the Saturation of stone along with Hue. The saturation refers to the durability of the green color in the stone.

It is perhaps considered to be the most important factor in deciding the color of emerald stone. A high saturation emerald will appear brighter and attractive. On the other hand, a low saturation emerald stone appears dull and less attractive.

Cut of Emerald Stone:

While purchasing emerald must consider the cut of a gemstone. An accurately cut emerald will reflect more light and look brighter. The “emerald cut” stone is praised and considered to be the most attractive looking gemstone. A perfectly cut emerald yields more light and enhances the overall price and value of this gemstone.


Most gemstones have inclusions. So, it is common to accept inclusions in the stone in controlled quantity. Inclusions help in improving the appearance of gemstones.

However, the presence of a number of inclusions in the gemstone which overall matters. A VVS and VS inclusions stones are high-quality emerald gemstones which contain less amount of inclusions that can only be seen with the help of magnifiers. On the other hand, S1, S2 quality stones have a large number of inclusions which can be seen with naked eyes.


Ask the Origin of Emerald Stone:

A Zambian Emerald stone or Colombian emerald stones are high-quality stones that possess great color varieties. And look immensely impressive in appearance when is adopted in the form of rings, necklace, pendants, etc.