How Emerald Can Influence Your Career And Professional Growth

How Emerald Can Influence Your Career And Professional Growth?

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Every person wants to reach the heights of a professional career as it gives financial security as well as respect in the society.

Certain astrological gemstones are there which can help take the native to new heights of his career. One of these gemstones is emerald or Panna, the gemstone of planet Mercury or Budha.

Emerald is considered as the most potent career stone, which ensures professional success by enhancing the intellect, memory, intuition and communication skills of the native.

The gemstone is known to clear negative energy and generate vigor in the native, which can take him to the road of a successful career.

Once you have your horoscope checked from an expert astrologer for compatibility with this gemstone, you must be sure to buy a certified emerald for best results.

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You can check to compare and find the right stone from the huge collection of gemstones. When you wear a good quality natural emerald gemstone, you can get the proper benefits related to this powerful gemstone.

Influence of Mercury on Professional Career

The planet Mercury or Budha is known as the planet of wisdom and intelligence, with far-reaching effects on the professional career of the native.

The literal meaning of the word “Budha” is cleverness, which pinpoints the power of Mercury as an intellectual planet.

It signifies education, knowledge, writing, speech and communication skills, all of which are enhanced if the planet is placed auspiciously in the horoscope of the native.

Mercury, as a planet, supports professional fields linked with commerce, trade, banking, accounts and computers, and brings success in these avenues.

Also, this is the planet of logic and it supports analytical abilities of the native, making him a good career person in these fields.

This means that well placed Mercury ensures the sound professional career for the native by sharpening his intelligence as well as communication skills.

You can make it favorable for yourself by wearing a good quality emerald gemstone.


Gaining Success in Career with Emerald Gemstone

  • Emerald represents the planet Mercury, which makes it a bringer of intelligence and sharp memory for the native. Wearing this amazing gemstone can, therefore, enhance the intelligence, memory and analytical ability of the native.
  • This quality of the gemstone makes it ideal for students pursuing higher studies as it brings success in education and academics.
  • Besides students appearing in competitive exams, businessmen and professionals can also derive the benefits by wearing emerald.
  • It is particularly beneficial for mathematicians, auditors, bankers, engineers, brokers, and dealers. Being linked with the planet of communication, emerald also helps people engaged in business related with telephone, telegraphs, and emails.
  • Lecturers, salesmen, sculptors, and artists, who abound in skills of verbal communication as well as that with hands, also find positive influences coming from this mystical gemstone.
  • It can also bring good results for people dealing with the public, such as politicians and public speakers. Medical professionals, particularly those specializing in eyes, ears, and brain, may also find this gemstone very useful.

Overall, buying  natural emerald gemstone and wearing it can take an individual to great heights in his career, provided it is suitable for him. Be sure to check the price of emerald before buying it.

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