Symbolization of Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is an astonishing gemstone. It is the stone of the month “May” and sign of the “Rebirth”. It is believe that it signifies the good fortune, eternal youth, and wisdom.

Emerald’s name is derived from the combination of the Greek word “Smaragdos” and the French word “Esmeraude” which means “green gemstone”.

Most of the emeralds come in Green color with bluish or yellowish shade inside the stone. This stone was made popular by Queen “Elizabeth Taylor” and Egyptian Queen“Cleopatra”.

Emerald stone is mostly wear by these two great personalities that is why it is also consider as “Royal Gemstone”. Read about the emerald’s history and symbolization in this blog.

History of emerald gemstone

  • Emerald is a part of the beryl family and a very famous gemstone of this family.
  • Earlier emerald gemstones were mined in “Egypt” about 330 BC, so the ancient “Egyptians“ devote this stone to the goddess “ Venus “ which is the goddess of love and beauty.
  • The Egyptian Queen “Cleopatra” was always desire about the emerald gemstones to such an extent that those mines are now known as “Cleopatra mines” in Egypt.
  • The most famous sources of emerald are “Colombia and Zambia “. But now there are many other sources as well as “Pakistan, India, Russia, Afghanistan“.
  • Some legends believe that the emerald stone was given to “King Solomon” by the God.
  • The oldest emerald stone is from South Africa with the age of about 3 billion years old.

Symbolization of emerald stone

  • Emerald is the birthstone for the month “May “and Green is the color of “spring”. Both signify the career growth, good fortune, prosperity, and wisdom.
  • The conventional people of Egypt connect emerald stone with“Fertility and Rebirth”. People also believe that this stone is holy.
  • According to Egyptians emeralds were signs of “Protection” that is why this stone was use by “Emperors” in jewelry to protect them from opponents.
  • As it is correlate with Goddess “Venus” so it symbolizes the love and grants faithfulness to its wearer.
  • Emerald also helps to heal the broken hearts and give strength to overcome the past
  • Some people have faith that emerald stone gives the power to predict the future and can protect from the miss – happenings.
  • The main benefit of emerald stone is that it enhances the lifestyle and improves the status of the person, as it is worn by royal people, celebrities etc.
  • It has some attractive healing properties as well as emerald stone cure the person of heart-related diseases and also helps to get rid of the kidney, abdomen relate diseases. It also helps to reduce the stress and labor pain of the pregnant women and also provide good health
  • Emerald stone also provides relaxation to the mind which will help its wearer to stay calm and happy.

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