Care and Replacement of Emerald Gemstone

Care and Replacement of Emerald Gemstone

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The gorgeous green Emerald gemstone is surely a thing of beauty. But, whether or not it will last forever, depends on how well do you care for it.

This chromium-rich variety of beryl has fair to good toughness, thanks to the 7.5 to 8 rank that it has on the Mohs scale of hardness. Even though it is pretty durable, a Panna stone requires proper care to carry its gleam for a long time.

Thus, if you want to keep your emerald with you for a really long time, then it is important for you to understand how can you take good care of emerald. Let’s take a look at some basic care tips:

Taking care of an Emerald gemstone

Ensure that you clean your emerald jewelry regularly to keep it looking like new. For cleaning it, use a soft cloth and remove any accumulated dirt gently.

Then using lukewarm soapy water, further clean the precious emerald jewelry. You can even use a soft brush to clean those hard to reach areas. Once done, rinse the jewelry properly and wipe it using a dry, clean and soft microfiber towel.

Make sure that ultrasonic cleaners or commercial jewelry cleaners are not used on emeralds. Also, do not wear emerald jewelry while performing activities that can damage the emerald stone like exercising, playing, gardening, showering, and swimming.

In addition, keep emerald stones away from harsh chemicals to avoid damaging them. For storing emerald jewelry, it is advisable to keep it in separate boxes so that the emeralds remain scratch free.


Replacing an Emerald gemstone

While we all wish to keep our jewelry safe and secure all the times, there are some unfortunate incidents where one may lose or damage their emerald jewelry.

If that happens to you, then replacing emeralds may become a necessity – after all, your love for emeralds would want you to bring these stunning gems back to your gemstone jewelry collection!

Here’s what you must know while replacing an emerald gemstone:

Consider the size: Well, size is one of the most important considerations while buying gemstones and emeralds are no exception.

You may not be aware of the size of your lost or broken emerald, but rough measurements can work most of the times.

In case you have the gemstone certificate of your previous purchase, then you can easily determine the size of the emerald you wish to buy again.

Cut: Take a look at the pictures of your previous emerald gemstone to understand the cut type. A trusted and experienced jeweler may help you get the exact cut that you are looking for.

Quality: It goes without saying that emeralds come in a variety of qualities. Although it may cross your budget, try to invest your money in a high-quality emerald which is natural and untreated, to get the most of it.

But, in case you are unable to afford a high-grade emerald gemstone, then you can even pick the one that has a little less color saturation as such a gem may come at a bit lower price, without really losing the exquisiteness that emerald is known for.