Brazilian Vs Zambian Vs Colombian Emerald Find Out Which One Is Best

Brazilian Vs Zambian Vs Colombian Emerald Find Out Which One Is Best?


Emerald gemstone has been utilized as a part of gems and also medical treatment for a considerable length of time. Brazilian Vs Zambian Vs Colombian Emerald Find Out Which One Is Best? In spite of the way that emerald originates from numerous countries, the high-quality emerald or Panna stone in Hindi comes from Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia.

All these three countries are highly regarded for producing rich quality emerald stone.

However, the quality of emerald found in these three countries differs from one another which gives rise to a prevalent question in the wearer’s mind what is the difference between Colombian emerald, Brazilian emerald, and Zambian emerald?

Thus, to find out the difference in the quality of stones produced in all these provinces go through the following points.


Colombian Emerald Stone

Colombia, situated in South America, is the nation that mines and creates the most emeralds for the worldwide market. It is in charge of 70 to 90 per cent of the world’s emerald advertised supplies.

Colombia has the best mind share among purchasers for the highest quality emerald stones. While business review emeralds are very ample, fine and additional fine-quality emeralds are amazingly uncommon.

Brazilian Emerald Gemstone

Brazil turned into the breadbasket for a moderate emerald gemstone in the mid-1960s. Emerald gemstone was initially found in Brazil around 1920.

Brazil has overhauled its picture as an emerald mining focus. The finding has been made since 1980 at Itabera in Minas Gerais, Santa Teresinha in Goias, and Nova Era close Itabera is providing the best emerald Brazil has ever delivered. Without a doubt, the best stones from these mines ask correlation with the Colombian emerald.

Zambian Emerald Stone

At the point when the vast majority consider fine emeralds, they consider Colombia. Brazil is likewise a vital hotspot for emeralds, for the most part of the mid-review item.

Be that as it may, in the gemstone exchange, in any case, another source is drawing in a lot of consideration which is Zambia.

Zambia is situated in Southern Africa, in an area rich in gemstones. Huge scale emerald mining started in Zambia around 1976. The shade of the Zambian emerald stones had a tendency to be soaked greener than the Colombian emeralds.


Let’s check out what is the difference between Zambian, Colombian and Brazilian emerald:


Colombian emeralds are commonly the most costly per carat/Ratti taken after by Brazilian emerald and Zambian emeralds.

Colombian emerald stone cost around 15000 INR per ratti or 24000 INR per Carat.

Brazilian emerald stone costs around 2525 INR per ratti or 4050 INR per Carat.

Zambian emerald stone costs around 1325 INR per ratti or 2150 INR per Carat.


Colombian emeralds get their shading basically from the following measures of the component chromium. Brazilian emeralds get their shading for the most part from hints of vanadium, while Zambians get their shading from iron.

Brazilian emeralds normally have a slight chestnut or dim cast and just some of the time coordinate the immaculate green. Zambian emeralds frequently show up excessively blue due, making it impossible for the nearness of iron.


The sort of incorporations present in emeralds likewise differs from their birthplace. Colombian emeralds are probably going to have a greater number of considerations than Brazilian and Zambian emeralds.



Colombian emeralds have a bluish-green to green in colour with strong or vivid saturation, Zambian Emeralds have a more bluish and darker color than Colombian emeralds and it commonly has greater clarity, while the emeralds from Brazil have a lighter color and lower saturation.

Zambian emerald: bluish-green, deep green

Brazilian emerald: Appear too blue due to the presence of iron

Colombian emerald: bluish-green to green in color

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