Why prices can vary so much? I have found some similar gems at a considerably higher price. Why is that?

The price of a gemstone of similar variety can vary considerably for a number of reasons. First, we should compare apples to apples. We have to compare two stones of the same variety, same color hue and carat weight range. Treatments or no treatments as well. When the right comparison is there, then, the main factors of a substantial price difference might be the following (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Overheads of sellers. If a seller has huge overheads (many employees, huge rental space, etc.) prices will be much higher. At that point, you do not pay anymore the real value of the stone, but you pay him to stay in business.
  2. From who you bought the stone. Even at origin, some cutters/dealers are known to have higher prices than others (for the same quality). And so, along the passing hands chain.
  3. Buyer beware that 99% of sellers hide behind their “you get what you pay for” lie. A smart and alert buyer, even acknowledging that it is true, knows that some, fewer business people are more ethical than others in choosing, representing and selling their products. Do not get fooled by “if it is more expensive, it must be of higher quality”. Get more knowledge and more prices of what you intend to buy.

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