Buying Emerald Gemstone Online

Emerald Gemstone (Panna) is hard stones and are from Beryl family. Emerald stone is the Birthstone of May and used to promote healing. Like all other gemstones, price of Emerald gemstone also depends upon the 4C – Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. Color of Emerald gems has been always the standard for grading all the other green colored gems.

If someone wants to buy Emerald gemstone, he/she should check all the details like one must consider some of the important aspects like Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity. Presence of yellow or too much of blue color can get down the price of Emerald.

Special Emerald of good quality comes from Colombia. Till the date, prices for the Colombian Emeralds are very high in the global market. Out of near about 16 source countries that have Emerald mines, only two of the countries actually mine them. Emerald is found in India, Egypt, Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Countries that mined emerald import rough stones, cut them and treat like rough and export them to buyers all over the world. Emerald cutting centers are Thailand and India. The Largest Emerald purchasing countries are US and JAPAN. Almost 75% of total purchase in the world are done in US and JAPAN.

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