Difference Between Real Emerald And Imitation Or Fake Emerald Stone

Emerald Gemstone

Difference Between Real Emerald And Imitation Or Fake Emerald Stone

Emerald gemstone also books its place in the list of all precious gemstones along with ruby and sapphires. The brilliant color, hue and outstanding shapes of emerald stone with alluring astrological properties compel everyone to wear this stone. However, having possesses such exemplary color, cut and metaphysical characteristics; it is an expensive stone to buy.

And, many people can’t afford to purchase a natural emerald stone. Nevertheless, they can accomplish their desire of wearing an emerald stone by purchasing treated or loose emerald stone. By loose emerald stone, we mean those stones which have received heat, color and other treatments.

These treatments belittle the quality of this stone, but reduce the price of this stone that enables a common man to buy precious stone emerald. However, problem arises when a gem dealer sells a treated emerald stone labeling it as a natural or real emerald stone.

And out of awareness, a layman falls into their trap and buys a treated or imitation emerald stone conceiving it as natural emerald stone. Often a gem buyer complains that how does he distinct between a fake or imitation emerald stone from a natural emerald stone? So, to find out the answer read the following post:

Imitation Emerald stone:

The Imitation emerald gemstone is not a real stone. It is composed of other materials and has no connection with real emerald stone. Basically, these imitations or fake stones are created by those gemstone dealers who want to make quick profits without being worried about their customer expectation.

The material such as glass is mainly used to create an identical imitation. The fake stone creators design this stone in such a manner that it becomes extremely difficult to call it as fake emerald stone.

Now the question emerges whether one should wear imitation emerald stone or not. So, one can wear this stone if they are looking for substitute of this stone, then they should go for this. However, if they are looking for astrological benefits or metaphysical properties, then they should opt for real emerald stone. Wearing an imitation emerald stone is only feasible if you want to wear it only for fashion purpose.

How to identify an imitation emerald stone:

Scratch it against a hard substance:

To check whether the emerald stone is real or fake rub it again a hard material if it induces a scratch so it is a fake stone. Because, a real emerald stone is extremely hard stone so it can’t be easily broken or perceived scratch.

Watch Closely for Gas Bubbles:

A fake emerald stone will display gas streaks or air bubbles when it is closely being inspected. On the other hand, in case of real emerald stone, it won’t show any gas streak and have contained rare inclusions.

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