Care and Replacement of Emerald Gemstone


Care and Replacement of Emerald Gemstone

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Proper care and timely replacement of gemstones is an essential factor for getting full astrological benefits from it.

Emerald is a gemstone which is less hard than other stones like diamond, ruby, and sapphire, as it measures 7.5 to 8 on Mohs Scale, as compared to 10 and 9 of the later ones.

This means that emerald stone requires more care, in comparison to other harder stones. Special care should be exercised both while wearing as well as cleaning this gemstone.

How To Care For Your Emerald Gemstone

  • The delicate internal structure of emeralds makes it necessary that you should protect them from sharp blows as well as extreme temperatures.
  • You should make sure that these are placed and stored separately from other gemstones, in order to prevent damage by scratching.
  • You should also avoid contact with sharp and pointed objects to protect the gemstone from scratches and corrugation.
  • Additionally, you need to protect emerald gemstones from excessive heat as it can also deteriorate the quality of the emeralds.

Proper care and handling can not only prolong the life of emeralds but also make it more effective in terms of astrological benefits.

A good quality emerald gemstone is very rare to find and many of them come with minor fractures. When you buy an emerald gemstone, be sure to choose a good quality, flawless emerald to get best results.

Cleaning Tips for Emeralds

Gemstones are worn to transmit the cosmic energies of the planets related to them into the physical body of the wearer by the means of direct contact with the skin.

Prolonged wearing of emerald gemstone can cause the stone to get soiled by soap or powder deposits. Therefore, you need to clean your gemstone regularly so that there is no compromise in the amount of cosmic energy transmitted by it.

When you clean an emerald gemstone, you have to be very cautious about cleaning it, as it is not as hard a gemstone as diamond and corundum.

Cleaning Tips for Emeralds

  • The best way to clean an emerald is by dipping it in a warm soapy solution and scrubbing it gently with a toothbrush, in order to remove all the impurities deposited over it.
  • The water should be just lukewarm or at room temperature, as hot water can damage the emerald.
  • Do not use strong detergent or commercial jewelry cleaners for washing an emerald.
  • Also, dry the gemstone thoroughly with the help of a soft and clean cloth. Ultrasonic or steam cleaning is not suitable for cleaning an emerald as it can lead to weakening and damage to the stone.
  • Avoid wearing the gemstone when you plan to do some kind of rough work.

When is the Right Time to replace your Emerald?

Emerald, being a delicate gemstone, is quite susceptible to damage caused by sharp impact as well as sudden extremities in temperature, which imply that you may have to get it replaced when you detect cracks or spots in it. Such a stone loses its positive effects and can bring damage to the wearer.

The foremost thing to take care is to buy a natural unheated emerald from a trusted and reputed seller. You must also check the price of emerald before you buy it.

If you are looking for certified and natural emerald gemstone, then is one of the best emerald sellers that deals in unheated and untreated emerald stones.

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