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Emerald Gemstone

How Peridot Stone Differentiated From Emerald Gemstone

Peridot and emerald stone appear quite identical to each other. Both stones have distinct positive attributes and properties. However, the appearance of both emerald and peridot is similar, hence, often a layman gets confused while judging or differentiating between emerald stone and peridot stone. However, both peridot and emerald are contrary to each other as

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Emerald (Panna) Gemstone The Birthstone Of Month May

Emerald gemstone or panna stone in Hindi is conceived to be the birthstone of the month of may. Hence, all those ascendants who are born in the month of May must wear auspicious green color emerald stone to obtain the blessing from benevolent planet Mercury. The emerald stone is acknowledged as the birthstone of the

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Why Emerald Is A Best Choice With Diamond Stone

Diamond is known to be the best looking jewelry item which is desired and marked a presence in every household. Every woman yearns to wear diamond gemstone as rings, pendants or necklace. However, with time things have also altered and substitute or abounding number of gemstones is being used significantly by the jewelry lovers in

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emerald gemstone

Alternatives Of Real Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

Emerald Gemstone or Panna has been an incredible looking gemstone since its inception. The alluring green color of this gemstone derives the attention of every gem seeker. Having a brilliant color and shapes this gemstone is best worn in the form of rings, pendants, necklace and other forms. A good quality emerald gemstone is expensive,

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Emerald gemstone

History And Myths Related To Emerald Or Panna Gemstone

Ever since from its discovery the lavishing green color emerald stone has soothed the mind and become the ultimate object of devotion for gemstone lovers. Due to its everlasting beauty and captivating properties this gemstone has gained immense reputation in the field of gemstones. The name of this enthralling gemstone had originated from the Greek

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Why Emerald Gemstone Is Called Gemstone Of True Love

The world of gemstones is full of exquisite and fascinating appearing gemstones which have an incredible ability to attract each pair of eyes. Gemstones are glorifying past as they are extracted from almost each corner of the world. By the cause of their strong healing properties and intriguing appearance, they have succeeded in alluring human

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Best Quality Emerald Or Panna Gemstone For Sale

Over the years it has been poured in our ears that emerald gemstone is one of the most precious gemstone and it could be worn to invite loads of happiness, prosperity and love in your life. Aside this, you have been shoot with loads of mail or through advertisements that buy best quality emerald gemstone

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Uses of Loose Emerald Stones?

Emerald gemstone is the rarest gemstone which is constituted of mineral beryl and chromium. The color of the emerald stone is dark green, which appears adorable. This green color fascinating gemstone is one of the most precious gemstone. It is mostly found in dense rocks and eruptive volcanoes. In reality, it is very extreme to

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Step By Step Guide To Identify A Real Emerald Gemstone

The green color emerald stone is one of the most delicate gemstone. The mesmerizing deep green color dignifies the appearance of an individual when it is worn as ring, necklace or other jewelry forms. The gemstone is not too hard alike ruby and diamond; however, it is also not too fragile. Therefore, durability of emerald

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