What Are Alternatives Of Real Emerald Gemstone?


What Are Alternatives Of Real Emerald Gemstone?

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Emerald Gemstone or Panna has been an incredible looking gemstone since its inception. The alluring green color of this gemstone derives the attention of every gem seeker.

Having a brilliant color and shapes this gemstone is best worn in the form of rings, pendants, necklace and other forms.

A good quality emerald gemstone is expensive, thus, a class of people due to cost factor avoid buying emerald gemstone. But, nowadays because of the evolution of new technology specimen of Emerald stone (Panna stone) are being sold at a much cheaper rate which is affordable and designed to fit in the budget of a person.

However, people questions that whether wearing a low-quality Panna stone produces the equivalent results as produced by the high-quality Panna gemstone. So, the answer is ‘no’ because the physical and metaphysical properties of emerald stone make this stone expensive and cutting down the properties of stone in order to make it cheap its properties are also being compromised.

However, a person who can’t afford an expensive or high-quality Emerald stone can opt for other options which will let him/her avail the same benefits.

The above situation is similar to the situation when due to the higher fee of a doctor one can’t avail the medical assistance from him/her. Then for the sake of their health, he/she approach a doctor with a low fee or take care of his/her health so that she does not fall ill and take medicine from that doctor knowing in advance that his/her expertise won’t be compared with a more famous doctor.

The same principle applies while using a low price stone;

  • a person who uses this gemstone knows in advance that the quality of a low price emerald or Panna or say any other gemstone can’t be compared with a high-quality gem.
  • Moreover, it will take some time to a low price emerald gemstone or Panna to display its usefulness.
  • Apart from this, in case if a person can’t afford a better quality emerald he/she seek the advice of an astrologer who will let them know that what remedies they can take in order to fulfill the absence of emerald stone.

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