About Emerald Gemstone

The valuable emerald stone (also known as Panna Ratna in Hindi) is composed of minerals like aluminum, beryl and chromium. The delicate green color is achieved due to the presence of the above mentioned chemicals inside the stone.  Nowadays, it is extremely rare to locate a natural or perfect emerald stone.

The primary color of emerald or Panna stone is dark green, whereas, secondary colors of this gemstone are yellow and blue.  To enhance the luster and shine of this stone it has to be polished with the oil to enhance its appearance.

Emerald gemstone or Panna stone is largely being used for precious jewelry items. Even, due to its exquisite color the stone emerald were used even at the period of Mughal reign. As per astrology, this stone is contemplated with the planet Mercury. Mercury, which is revered with the status of Prince among all planets signifies intellect, wisdom, love, prosperity and cheeriness.

Emerald stone proves extremely benign for students, thus, students can wear this gemstone to perceive the positive powers of mercury. Emerald stone is called as the birthstone of the month May.

Therefore, those individuals that are born during that time period can wear this stone.  Due to its delicate and mesmerizing appearance the emerald is being used in various jewelry items such as rings, pendants, necklace and bracelet.

Buy  Natural Emerald Stone:

The certified natural emerald gemstone is difficult to find in today’s time. Since, there are large number of gem dealers who supposedly supply  synthetic emerald stone. Thus,  one can buy certified natural emerald  from us.

On the basis of inclusions or quality the emerald stone can be divided into the following types:

  • Standard Emerald Gemstones
  • Fine Grade Emerald Gemstone
  • Premium emerald stone
  • Super Premium Emerald Stone

Standard Emerald Gemstone:

Contains a number of inclusions that can be seen from bare eyes. However, the price of standard emerald gemstone is reasonable that allows people to purchase this gemstone. The quality of the stone is not brilliant yet it is quite benevolent option for those who want to wear this stone without spending too much money. The price of one carat emerald stone or Panna is around 2000 to 2500 per carat.

Fine quality Emerald stone:

The fine quality emerald stone will have less inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter the price of the stone is around 2500+ Rs per carat. 

The Premium Quality Emerald stone:

The premium quality emerald stone   is high quality gemstone. It encompasses only little inclusion that is barely seen with the naked eyes. The cut, clarity and inclusions make this stone one of the best looking gemstone. Thus, considering the overall facts in the favor of this stone, the price of emerald stone will range from 15000+ per carat.

Super premium Emerald stone:

The super premium emerald stone is the top quality stones. On the parameter of quality these stones are very near to natural emerald stone or original emerald stone. However, the price of super premium or the VVS emerald stone is extremely high. The price of one carat super premium emerald stone starts from 25000+ per carat.

Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone:

  • Emerald gemstone is related to the heart chakra consequently wearing this stone will blossoms love and emotion in the love life.
  • It will also resolve all issues related to brain, such as depression, negative thinking.
  • Those students who feel insecure and not able to concentrate on their studies should wear this stone.
  • Wearing this stone will increase self confidence and memory power that will altogether help one to score maximum marks in exams.
  • The emerald gemstone will prove extremely helpful for those professionals who work in the field of sports, creativity, writers and painters.
  • The gemstone will help in resolving mental conflicts and brain issues.
  • Wearing emerald stone will delve down deep its positive or enrich powers in the body of a person and dissolve or extract all negative thoughts from the mind and endorses the positive thinking.